The History of Kevin Lavan
As Neanderthals are to Homo sapiens, I am
probably a direct forebearer of today's Nerd.  
Small, first to have glasses, never won at "Spin
the Bottle", etc.

(Fortunately, one can evolve out of this state, or so I would like to imagine.)
Interned and then worked at
Coopers.  Became a CPA.
Met Rosemary there.  It's
always better to be lucky
than good
Worked at Viacom/ MTV
Networks for 12+ years, mostly
as Viacom's Controller and
Chief Accounting Officer.  We
had Joe, Andrew and Matt.
Attended the MTV
Inaugural Ball for Clinton
in 1993.  Strict cameras,
and don't mess with the
celebs.  Bottom line...yes,
that's Rosemary's lipstick
on Jack's cheek.
Performed Cat
"Father and
Son" at Manhattan
College graduation
Helped Y&R go public;
headed IR. Partner and
Chief Accounting Officer.
Then went to Wunderman
to work on digital
marketing stuff.
Joined LivePerson's
Board of Advisors, then
joined Board of Directors
at IPO.  Chair the Audit
(Still doing this!)
When WPP bought Y&R, I
partnered with some digital
marketing friends, and
invented a system (#NOW) for
interactive responses to
traditional advertising using
cell phones.
Did some SOX and systems
consulting for MDC Partners,
and served as CFO of CP+B
and MFP ad agencies.
Became the CFO of
ParadyszMatera, experts in
both online and offline
customer acquisition.
If you'd like to download my current, more traditional resume, please click on
this link:

Kevin Lavan Resume
Served as the Worldwide
Controller of IMG...part of
senior team that prepared the
company for sale...sold to
WME in 2014.
Original member of "Volcano
and the Eruptions".  I was just
an Eruption.  Rocked the 8th
Grade Graduation Dance.
With all three graduations behind us, I can be very flexible about the
nature and location of
projects I undertake.
Apparently I have a striking resemblance to someone who lives at the North
Pole...recruited for our shore town's Christmas in July celebration.  Still
waiting for Macy's to call.
Currently the CFO of
Autoclear LLC, a leading
manufacturer of
inspection systems.