Experienced CPA and Audit Committee Chairman

From public accounting to public companies...from startups to going
public to large, established public companies, I have been very
fortunate to experience a wide range of successful business
situations during my career.  Some highlights:

Board of Directors, LivePerson, Inc
SVP Controller IMG Worldwide
SVP Controller, Viacom Inc.
SVP Finance, Young & Rubicam
CFO Crispin Porter + Bogusky
CPA, Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

You can find my traditional resume here:

Kevin Lavan Resume
I have helped companies in several ways:

As a full-time financial executive (CFO or Controller).  I
have a solid track record of success in these roles,
including extensive SEC reporting, M&A, financial
systems and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance experience.

As a full-time IR Executive.  I was the principal author for
earnings releases and financial SEC filings for most of my
time at Viacom, and headed investor relations for Young
& Rubicam, including roadshow duties for our IPO and
two subsequent offerings.  Most colleagues would
probably say that writing...from MD&As to song parodies...
is my biggest strength.

As an Independent Audit Commitee Financial Expert, as
required by Sec. 407 of Sarbanes-Oxley.  I have always
been serious about compliance with all regulations, but I
have usually found practical approaches to compliance
which wouldn't overburden the organization.

As a trusted adult to oversee your big project (software
conversion, SOX compliance, pre-IPO prep,
consolidations, etc.).  I have a history of quick acceptance
by the project teams followed by effective leadership
towards the goal.
Kevin Lavan   "The right brain for your left brain needs"  (see note below)
Long before Michael Vick made pit bulls more
famous, Brooke (above..1999 - 2009) was a
celebrity with us.  Okay, so I fell for the "terrier
mix" description at the shelter, not purposely
intending to bring home a pit bull to a house with
young kids.  But there have be no human
deaths-by-pitbull in the Lavan home (can't say
the same for gophers, squirrels, skunks and
rabbits), and Brooke is the smartest and most
affectionate dog we'd ever had...until Jada
(below).  It's so unfair to take individual bad
behavior and extrapolate it to a whole group.

Our popular feature, Brooke in Art, can be
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